Founded in 1980 by Lyn Kienholz, the nonprofit California/International Arts Foundation (C/IAF)
is project oriented,and has worked to increase the visibility of L. A.artists by staging exhibitions
in 56 museums in 23 countries, including the 5th Havana Bienal, and through publications such
as L.A. Rising, SoCal Artists Before 1980, the enormously successful encyclopedia of 497 artists.
An important part of the organization is the development of educational tools, including an
Internet archive of recorded interviews with 97 artist (www.netropolitan.org and it’s archival site

C/IAF's past work has been supported by
corporations, individuals, and grants such as the Ford Foundation, Rockefeller Foundation, Andy
Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, James Irvine Foundation, Broad Foundation,
Getty Foundation, and AT&T.


  Lyn Kienholz, President
  Yann Perreau
  Elizabeta Betinski

Board Members:  
  Bronya Galef
  David Lewine
  Mei-Lee Nei
  Tom Rhoads
  Karen Sulzberger


C/IAF Past Projects 1981 - present

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